December 12, 2012

Trending the Future... Mobile is BIG!

Trending the Future - Mobile Trends 2 from space150

I came across this slide presentation while doing some research on the future of mobile trends and it's just too good data not to pass on. So knowing mobile will become a way of life for connection in the future, we as small business folks will need to get on the bandwagon if we want our businesses to thrive.

My question for you is... Are your site's mobile friendly? I found this great FREE tool to check how "mobile friendly" your website is:

Once you have an idea where you stand as far as "mobile friendly" next you must look at your options for placing your content. One great option I've found is Google's own "Blogger" platform anything you place in blogger can be configured in "settings" to be easily seen and navigated with mobile devices. Another option is Wordpress there are apps you can add to wordpress to make those sites mobile friendly also.

If you have a regular website (not attached to a blog style platform) then there are applications you can use much like a "wysiwyg" editor to make your site mobile friendly. Gomobi has made a plug-in for CPanel that makes it fairly simple to build your mobile site then connect it with a javascript. Some popular hosting companies have already integrated the GoMobi Platform, such as Hostgator and Bluehost.

Depending on your skill level... Here is another option for adding mobile capabilities.. (it's open source from what I can tell)

Then there is mobile apps. A few services I've found that offer a simple mobile app makers are;
This should get you started in the right direction when it comes to mobile compatibility.

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