June 21, 2011

Work Ethic and Consistency = Success

Almost daily folks ask me, how to build and develop a long term residual businessI decided early in the game when I went full time online....I wanted to have a large Shaklee business because of the lifestyle it would create for us and our future generations.  I haven't been disappointed.

My answer is always the same when I'm asked questions about building a Shaklee business.  I'm not any different than you.  I'm certainly not special in any way. But, what I do going is consistency and a strong work ethic.  I'm dedicated!  I've  never been afraid to fail, and believe me I've  had my share of what I prefer to call lessons, rather than failures.
Probably the most important thing we have in our favor is being consistent.  We are consistent with our thinking, our goals, our effort, and the process.  That's it!  Consistency has been our secret, if there is such a thing as a secret.  So many people stop and start, stop and start, stop and start.  Believe me, if you'll just keep on trucking down the road, being consistent with your thinking, your goals, your effort and of course having a simple process to follow, and don't jump on every band wagon you see, and stick to the basic fundamentals of the business, YOU WILL GROW.

So my answer to success very simple.  Be consistent, work hard, don't always start and stop.  The day will come when you look back on your experience and you won't have any regrets.   I believe what most people regret is what they didn't do. 

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