February 09, 2011

4+ Ways to Recruit Online in 2011

The internet is like a living being always growing and changing. Because it's very much like a living being we must alway be honing our marketing strategies to reflect what works today not 2 yrs ago or yesterday for that matter.

I've seen many discussions floating around online between what is right and not the right way to find folks to partner with in business.

So here are some online recruiting techniques that I feel are within the boundaries of ethical behavior. What would you add?
  1. Facebook Ads. If you are interested in finding people with experience, who may have at one time worked with a competing company, or may be looking for a switch, running a targeted Facebook Ad that displays for people that have mentioned the other company is OK (as long as your company policies allow it.) But your ad should not belittle that other company in other way. Rather, it highlights the benefits of your opportunity.  The reason I think this is OK is because you’re not specifically targeting individuals. You’re simply providing information, and if someone is looking for a new opportunity, they can act should they choose to.
  2. A blog that is designed for recruiting. You should cover topics that would be of interest to someone looking for an opportunity, and provide a way for people to find out more about the opportunity you offer. Your blog should NOT recreate the opportunity page of your replicated website. Rather, it is more generic information that people interested in an opportunity may be searching for.
  3. Answer questions on sites like LinkedIn and Forums. You can search for questions asked related to direct sales, small business, and working from home. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, and begin to develop relationships with folks.
  4. Post ads on LinkedIn Jobs boards. Some groups have a “Jobs” section. If the topic of the group is applicable to what you have to offer (for example, working at home), feel free to post your opportunity there. Just be clear that it’s a business opportunity that requires an investment, and not a “job.” If group members are interested, they can contact you. 
And of course, you can connect with people through your social networks, get to know them, share common interests, and listen. This will allow you to present the opportunity to individuals in relevant ways.

How about you, do you have a technique that's working for you that you would like to share? Or comments about the strategies mentioned?

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