December 27, 2010

Internet Marketing and Social Marketing

Many time folks feel they can flip a magic switch and have money flooding into their account. Even though many marketing websites will tout this.. trust me it's just not that easy. Notice I didn't say simple. Really Internet marketing is a very simple business once you understand how it works.

In all reality Internet marketing and social marketing are (or should be) very closely related. Social marketing is about caring so much for your customer they are on a pedestal and feel like they are treated like royalty. It's about offering a high-quality product they will go out of their way to come back to you to purchase. It's rapport building and relationship building. And it works! It's old-school, time-tested, and the only marketing strategy that NEVER fails.

Thank goodness we already have an extraordinary, high-quality, product. All we have to do is build an equally extraordinary relationship with our clients.

How do you do that? No hype. No high pressure. No claims you can't prove. Just honest, sincere, relationship building and over-the-top service. In short, we need to treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Think about it. Why would a customer that is disrespected in any way recommend you to a friend?

Relationship building is the essence of "guilt marketing" and it will take your business to new levels. Always give your customers a little bit extra. Meaning if you run across something that you know is relevant to them or their business, send it to them by email, private Facebook message or FedEx. They'll appreciate your doing it. And they'll remember you and they will buy from you.

Whenever possible, throw in a few extras and don't charge for them. Or charge a ridiculously low price. That lets them know you really appreciate them as customers and that it's not just about the money.

Because it's never really "just about the money."

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