August 20, 2010

Great Example of Social Media Communication

 Social media is effective communication through any medium, ie.. phone or in person conversation, text message, content in all forms video, RSS feeds etc.. What people respond to is something they perceive as genuine and agenda-free. That is why studies show up to 85% of people distrust ads.

A great example of using social media to "spread the word" about Shaklee comes from Arthur, a professional musician who teaches and performs around the country. He is a good friend of Bob Ferguson Shaklee Master Coordinator, and they were talking one day and Art asked if Bob had anything that would clean up his diet which you can imagine was a mess being on the road all the time. He shared the Cinch Plan and got started 3 days before he went back on the road.

Being the entertainer he is, and wanting to see if the stuff worked, he decided to shoot video progress reports daily on his IPhone. The funny, entertaining and amazing results of his succesful Cinch journey are documented at:

Many folks are using the whole site, or sending the URL for a specific video to prospects or people using the Cinch Plan, with great results. This video blog is credible, because, of course,  Art's 25 pound weight loss is documented, and obvious in the videos.

So, this is the ultimate anti-advertising.

Here's a guy who is standing on the scale in the first segment (scroll down to the first segment at the bottom of the list of videos) with his belly in full view to the world, letting everyone know what he's up to, including his discomfort! Then the fun begins as everyone can follow his progress and misadventures on the way to Cinch Plan success.

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