June 02, 2010

FLAT WORLD THINKING limits our growth and success.

As we were growing up, most of us were taught WHAT to think, but most of us
were never taught HOW to think. Why is that a problem? Consider this:

For every 100 Americans at age 65:
1 will be wealthy
4 will be financially independent
32 will be dead (they never learned how to take care of themselves or
ignored it)
63 will be dead broke (hoping Social Security or their family will bail
them out)

In other words, 95% of people never figure it out!

Our limiting thoughts are what keep us where we are keep us from achieving our goals. Let me give you an example....

What was going on in the world in 1491?

We all know what happened in 1492, but more importantly, what was going on in 1491? Columbus was preparing to sail around the world. His challenge was that he lived in a world of "flat world" thinkers (at least 95% of them!) There is an ancient verse that says, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he."

If you think the world is flat, you will act as though the world is flat. The first thing Columbus had to do was raise the money to build the ships. Can you imagine him going to the bankers to get a loan? Would you agree that bankers are by-and-large a rather conservative bunch? So Columbus is trying to sell the bankers on the idea and the bankers are saying, "You want to do WHAT! You'll sail off the edge of the earth and I'll lose my investment. Forget it!"

Columbus finally convinces Queen Isabella to finance the deal. Now he has to raise a crew -- from flat-world thinkers. What kind of response do you suppose he got from that? "Are you nuts" I'm not going to go out there and sail off the edge of the earth! (That was the 95%..) And you think you have a tough sell in your business? People will only operate within the confines of what they think is possible.

Today may be a good day to get your thoughts focused and mindset right for out of the box thinking To help you I've got a really awesome recording I will send you (it's free) called "The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change your Life" It's an eye opener that will get you thinking...

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