April 05, 2010

The 8th BIG Lie in MLM

There is so much truth spoken in this video I just had to share it with you.

There is a reason why so many of us have chosen the company we have.
Granted the person on this video is has been with the same company as I have for many years. I've seen so many folks flock to the next greatest latest bigest thing only to be disapointed when the company goes belly up.

I don't know if the company we have settled in is for you or not, but you know the old saying if you can't beat em join em. This is a trend I'm seeing.

What is so sad, when I see some of these fly by night companies take away the residual income focus & dream. When folks decide to just start marketing the tool's and systems, they will never get to the walk away income they so desired.

Basically they are only as good as their next sale. Also they have to stay on top of the greatest latest thing to keep income coming in. I doubt when they started their own business they wanted to become a commissioned employee to their business.

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