October 02, 2009

Marketing Strategies: The Email Report

Some facts about email systems. Veretekk's Veremail email systems are significantly different than any other email systems offered on the Internet. To illustrate this, we must break the system down into it's basic parts.

The database:

All email systems must have a database; otherwise you don't have anyone to send email to. But building that database is what clearly sets Veremail apart from all the rest. Let's illustrate this. With Veretekk you have many systems at work to build your list. Starting with the Traffic Portals, Veretekk owns over 40 (and always growing) unique domains that offer real services and systems for free in exchange for the subscribers name, address, phone number, some with survey results and double optin email addresses. These are real services, not just easily disseminated content.

Traffic Portals

What are real services? Real leads delivered from real lead systems that Veretekk owns. Everyday unique email leads, date, name and IP addresses. Real submission services that others charge $100 for on a per yearly basis. Real technology submitting your subscribers ads across the Internet with real results. Real state of the art Live Web based conference rooms. Also known as webinars, for free, that challenge brand name services with free access, excellent sound quality, excellent recording quality and superior support. Real state of the art PDF free Vacation coupons that really do deliver free 3 day vacation packages. The list continues with real software, real websites, real daily quotes, real stuff, not just some free report. Stuff people are looking for. Already turnkey and ready to go to work for you with little to no effort, that is turnkey, which means you start building your email list right out of the gate.

Your own capture pages

An important feature you also get submission forms that you can put right into your websites. These are often referred to as CAMPAIGNS, we call them GROUPS, many other companies limit how many campaigns you can have, we don't.. These forms are customized to redirect to any website you wish and send any set off custom autoresponders you build when the subscriber verifies from submitting your form. Your forms have many options depending on how much information you wish to collect.

Sequential email autoresponders

Once your subscriber has verified they begin receiving your campaign autoresponders and are also added to your email broadcasting control panel. This panel has all your leads organized according to what type of lead they are. Your GROUPS (campaigns) show up as Veremail Groups and categorized according to the name you labeled that group as. The email broadcasting control panel (Bully Pulpit) allows you to send email to your groups all or sub sets on a daily basis.

Database email uploads

You have the ability to upload as many email addresses into your system in sets up to 10,000 per upload. You have the choice to use 20 verification template emails for these uploads, and when that prospective owner of that email verifies, you have the choice to have the system send them a set or series of autoresponders you produced and…you can also set the system to redirect to any website you wish.

Since you also have an incoming email web mail system (yourname@veretekk.com) any email being sent to your email addresse(s) (You have the ability to make unlimited email addresses) also go to your own Veretekk POP account as well as your web based email account in the email broadcasting system (The Bully Pulpit).

Your own email account

When you sign up for an email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Live, etc. you are getting a web based email account and an email address like yourname@gmail.com, right? You all understand this I am sure.

If you have online access with someone like Comcast, you have an email address like yourname@comcast.com and it is accessed through your Outlook or Eudora email software and is reffered to as a POP account. I am making sense so far right?

If you sign up for an autoresponder system from anyone but Veretekk, you need an outside email like Gmail or your Comcast account and this makes no sense whatsoever if you give it some thought. There are solid reasons why your autoresponder system should be a complete turnkey system that includes your own email address both web based and POP account.

Total Integration

First of all it completes the circuit of your system. Everything in one place. Second it assures continuity in regards to good email practices and validity. When you sign up for Veretekk your Veremail email system is your email system, not a third party as a return address.

As Matt says, ""With any internet email responding system, there will be many individuals, companies and lists that your email will be placed on when responding to your own offers and newsletters. For most, this is an annoying part of the business and process, but you can turn this into an asset for yourself and your business. If someone is sending you an email for an offer of their own, then you can be sure that they are looking to build their list or their bottom line. If you set your email service and business up to "reverse market" to these individuals with your services, especially a service that generates leads like Veretekk, you can be sure to get a response back and you will begin to build leads from junk mail.""

Further Mo ads, "An email account with Gmail or hotmail now days sounds unsophisticated. Email that comes from a legitimate domain has more credibility particularly when it is integrated with marketing keywords that reflect the subject of the email."

Then there is the Spam complaint. If you are using an autoresponder system that utilizes a third party email like Aweber does ie: yourname@yahoo.com, then you loose! Your email account gets terminated, period. When you use a system that integrates their own mail servers to give you your own unique email address with a web based and POP email account that company bears the brunt of that complaint, defends against it and you win! Your email address is not terminated. Your service continues and you are exonerated.

Frank experienced this when his primary health related distributorship, without notice, terminated his affiliate position because of a spam complaint. However, the email message was delivered through Veretekk's mail servers and with Veretekk's validated mail search system, Veretekk was able to prove Frank was innocent and restore his health distributorship account back to normal.

No other autoresponder system can offer this. Only Veretekk does this.

Deliverability of the message.

When you are shopping for an autoresponder system, you want to make sure that system has a long term reputation on the Internet. That they utilize good email practices. That they are vigilant and communicate with the various policing systems like SpamCop and interact with all the top ISP services out there.

You want to make sure they have massive server redundancy so you can rest assured that the email is sending out quickly and effectively. To test this I use my own email server that has Spam Assassin but does not filter. You are welcome to use this address to test. The email address is [emailme@workfrom-homejob.com] the password is 12345.

Go ahead and use the email address to signup into one of your portals like http://barefoot.blastomatic.com

Then check for the email at http:mail2web.com. Enter the email address [emailme@workfrom-homejob.com] and password to receive the email. Use a timer. It will be less than a second for mail delivery. WARNING: Not all email systems are equal.

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