July 22, 2009

Social Marketing Leadership: A Fun Example

This is a fun example of leadership at a music concert. First you see just the leader, taking action (even if it is a kinda goofy action), and through his passion and example, creating followers. To get the full effect, watch the the whole thing, but at a minimum watch at least past the one minute mark. Hang in there OK? It's worth it..

Is the guy in this video showing great leadership skills? Not necessarily in a business related way, but in this situation there is no doubt he created a tribe in a short time.

What worked for him was his "all out" take action approach without giving up or caring what others might be thinking.

So do you think it would work for you in your organization? ABSOLUTELY!

Take the challenge, do something to Stand Out.

Lead by doing.

Lead with passion.

That's what makes you a remarkable Leader.

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