June 13, 2009

Marketing Tips: Practice Makes the Impossible Possible

Yesterday in a conversation with a disenchanted distributor, I talked about how practice makes perfect and anyone who is successful goes to great lengths and focus to be successful at what they have accomplished.

In this conversation I was referring to internet marketing and re-assuring this distributor about how content is "King" when it comes to online success. As we deliver more and more content the content we deliver becomes better quality giving us greater rewards. Just as every person in this video, the reason they are so good at what they do is PRACTICE!

What do you want to accomplish? Yes practice makes perfect.. (the point I was making in my conversation yesterday) When you have a coach or mentor guiding you along the way your chances of success sooner than later are much greater. Everyone comes into business at different levels depending on their experiences they have had in the past.

In reality not EVERYONE starts out at the same content quality level. Just as this video shows everything is POSSIBLE with practice. How do you practice? DO more of what you want to accomplish. Do you think Michael Jordan didn't have long hours of practice to get that basketball through the hoop?

As an example I started an RSS feed forum about a year ago. Essentially most of the RSS feeds were added at the same time. So why are some folks having more success. THEY are doing the WORK writing the content. One this forum I personally have double the content of anyone else coming from my RSS feeds. Why am I having more success? I've been practicing a WHOLE lot more...

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