June 02, 2009

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Sales

There has been so much written about the law of attraction, but sometimes it's easier said than done when it comes to putting the law of attraction to work in your business.

The laws of the universe are nothing until we begin to understand their principles and discover that these scientific laws are as close to us as our elbows.

According to scientific theories, the universe is held together by the Law of Attraction. In physics we were taught the Law of Attraction is a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together. A Law of Attraction also operates in selling.

It is the formula, the process, the method, the plan, and the act you employ to attract the prospect. The more you know about the prospect and the situations that control his acts, the more quickly you can attract him.

Attracting the prospect calls for a combination of science and art. Science instructs us what to do. Art teaches us how to do it. Through observation, experience, reflection, and reasoning you can analyze the prospect. You can uncover the reasons that influence and motivate him to act. Prospects are governed and motivated to action by ideas.

Compounding ideas into a scientific Sales Plan and presenting them in logical sequence stimulates reaction and leads to quick results. Human nature is fundamental. You can be fairly certain what reaction you will get from people when you present them with a certain definite idea. A positive idea in action always produces a reaction. This reaction will be favorable if the plan to explain the idea is well thought out and prepared.

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Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your article. I have been using the Law of attraction in my life and started a blog about it. I believe its working!!