May 13, 2009

New MLM thinking: Coca-Cola's Lead Generation Secret

Last night as I was watching American Idol it dawned on me how big businesses piggy back off of each other. Either through sponsorships or joint ventures. For Cocoa-Cola they got lots of exposure during the semi-finals of one of the top watched shows "American Idol."

Now look at Best Buy they set up a partnership (joint venture) with the Geek Squad to offer service for the products they sell. As I look over my (Cindy McAsey) partnership with VereConference it's very much the same they offer the service and I offer the support and training. I can't express how that has broadened my network of folks to communicate with.

In today's internet world with social networking ever so popular, partnerships (joint ventures) possibilities are a dime a dozen. You should consider JV's the New model of lead generation for MLMers.

Here's something to think about...With traditional old school MLM your are leveraging off the work of others "if" they perform. Statistically over 90% don't produce results.

Joint ventures are simply another form of lead generation allowing you to piggy back off an existing lead flow/customer base. A well thought out joint venture leverages off the work somebody else has already done. With JV you decide how you want to work your new found network.

I encourage you to open up your mind to this new way of thinking so you don't get lost in the dust. To broaden your thinking think about where people are congregating and lots of activity going on. There are so many great (what I call) fishing holes online you just need to find one and start networking. Then Get on people's lists. Buy their products to get a better understanding of what they offer. Always look for gaps. Potential areas for you to fill a need.

Best part of this "New" way of thinking is YOU determine what you would look for in a partner. Lead with service when approaching a potential JV partner. Build a personal relationahip first. Don't lead with a sales pitch. Trust and Transparency are key. Start with small JV's and work your way up. Be willing to move on when necessary.

Joint Ventures are the future of MLM. You must decide if you will be part of it.

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Cindy McAsey said...

I forgot to add. When searching for possible partnerships. Look services or products that compliment what you offer.

Think about Microsoft & Dell how do those companies compliment each other?