March 05, 2009

Why Some Network Marketers Fail

If you keep presenting to more prospects and you're not seeing the results you want, obviously something is wrong. Ever hear the old saying that a fool is someone who does the same thing over and over and expects different results?

The skill you need to master is communication - the ability to effectively present your business. But, there's something else to communication. You're not just trying to "make things clear". That's only a part of effective communication. You're attempting to teach someone what you know about your business - a bit more difficult.

Why is this more difficult? Let me explain:

Your prospect, before you've even had a chance to talk to them, probably has been exposed to M.L.M. Chances are they've heard some negative comments about the industry. You know: pyramid scheme, won't work for me, I don't want to be a salesperson, and on and on.

Thing is, if you allow those preconceived notions to go untouched, your prospect will never join your organization - period. Moving from one prospect to another... or... thinking that "it's a numbers game and you just need to get in front of more people", is a mistake.

Getting in front of more people is the solution when you're able to convert prospects into distributors - but not when you can't get anyone to join your downline!

All you're doing is speeding up your failure. So what's the solution? You must learn how to communicate effectively. So effectively that is causes people to react to what your message. This skill is critical to wealth building in network marketing.

Effective communication builds answers to objections into the initial communication. You'll eliminate the prospect's objections before they express them to you. Effective communication virtually eliminates objections and gets people thinking "your way".

Now, some people feel like this is manipulative. They feel everyone is entitled to their opinion and you have no right to "talk them out of it". They have a point. I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Effective communication doesn't discount someone's thoughts. And, I can appreciate how someone may believe you're being manipulative if you're answering objections before they come up.

But I have a different perspective. I truly believe I'm helping someone with their life. I believe when I communicate effectively I have the best interest in mind for the person I'm communicating with. I never enter a conversation with the intent to "get the better end of the stick".

In front of a prospect, I always feel confident because I know I'm helping them.
I enter the conversation thinking I can improve their life. How? With a greater sense of achievement... an improved financial condition... and the feeling of fulfillment once they've reached their ideal position in life.

Plus, I know M.L.M is not what all those rumors say it is. Therefore, I'm helping someone see the truth. Most importantly, I feel like I'm doing a disservice if I don't communicate effectively.

What I mean is, I feel I'm truly helping people, I owe it to them to help them overcome any obstacle they have to joining my business. Comming from a teaching and training backgroud in the non-profit world puts me in the mindset of knowing deep in my heart I know I can make their life better than it is now. I brought the same mentality to network marketing.

You should too. You should know in your soul that you're helping someone.

If someone was in a burning house and you went in to save them and they were scared to leave through all the flames, wouldn't you do everything in your power to overcome their fear and get them out? It's this mentality you must bring to your communication skills. You must learn how to effectively communicate so you can help people escape their quiet desperation.

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Fortune Teller said...

"Communication is essential to getting ahead whether it be in network marketing or any other form of business. Communication is an essential tool and it is amazing at home poorly some people are at it. In which case they best have a good personality, because that can sometimes help make up for it, but not always.

Obstacles in communication can either break you down or force you to better yourself. Everyone approaches this obstacle differently. Some will make it and some won't it is as simple as that.