February 20, 2009

Benefits of a Gold Veretekk System Explained

I had someone ask me the benefits of a Gold Veretekk System today and thought gosh I don't think I've posted that exact information anywhere online so here it is. Many times in our little social network called Veretekk we quitely use it to promote and grow our businesses and just expect if someone is interested they will become a free silver member, become part of our close knit community, and as they access our many weekly free online training will understand. It's really tough to list all of the benefits of a gold Veretekk system, cause there are many hidden benefits but I'm gonna try Ok?

Just look at the SEO tools and features that are included with ONE Veretekk Gold System

Lead Generation: With scores of unique Traffic Portals, you are assured of attaining the best, unique, exclusive lead data. Your exclusive leads mean they are looking forward to your call. Or, you can easily transfer individual, groups or all your leads to other Veretekk subscribers that are in your downline. This can virtually create a tsunami of downline success never attainable before.

All data, traffic and search engine rankings for each Traffic Portal is fully verified and verifiable. Never wonder if your ads are pulling, if your email is effective, if your data is accurate. The systems fully account for every action you take inside the system or on other sites, you control the reports.

Traffic Initiation: Once you activate the full portfolio of marketing and promotion tools for each portal, the traffic and leads start rolling in. Just push a few buttons and your on your way. That easy!

Link Integration: Easily link up to 10 other sites, promotional services, banner exchanges, etc. with a few pull down menus and a couple of buttons to push. One of the scores of systems that pour traffic and leads into your system with every conceivable marketing and advertising system on the Internet. All of your portals are fully integration automated.

Custom Configuration: Each one of your Traffic Portals has it's own unique domain name. You can also edit the Title, Meta tags, Hidden copy and text, links, photos and look of each one of your portals. You can also setup each portal to have a different set of sequential autoresponders that start mailing when the lead verifies their email address. This system fully integrates with Inetekk's Veretap systems too. This means, Veretap subscribers can automatically choose to have their leads automatically enrolled into Veretap's tap root automated recruiting systems.

Just a glance at the full Gold System in action with 42 fully configurable lead capture pages to promote your business online. Will make some peoples head spin.

Veretekk Marketing Portals:

Veretekk Affiliate Site:

Veretekk Traffic Portals:

1st Classifieds:
Computer Giveaway:
Daily Message Online:
FFA Farm:
Free Page:
Money Machine:
Spam Wars:
Vacation 4 Free:

Profit Portals:

Free FFAs:
Veretekk Regional Portals:
Veretekk Down Under:

Veretekk SEO Portals:


Imagine the search engine positions on Google that you, or your business could achieve in purchasing a gold Veretekk System! Veretekk stands for quality in SEO tools, training and all the necessary elements that you need to become successful with any MLM business that you may be attempting to market on Google.
You will NEVER have to buy ebooks, software programs, traffic, leads or any of the things that you now waste your money on.

Another HUGE benefit with a Veretekk Gold system you also get Veremail Gold!

Veremail Gold firmly surpasses the best emailing systems on the market with one very important benefit none of the others have:

3rd party verification validation and MAPs endorsement.

Other systems have come and gone, but only Veremail has stood the test time (online since 1996). Why? Simple - Veremail continues to be the world's only double opt-in, fully verified and verifiable, online bulk emailing system. The system is 100% spam free, allowing Internet marketers a legal, ethical, and responsible means for conducting their business online. Better yet, with Veremail you have no liability risk since all incoming and outgoing email flows through our massive email server farm - not your ISP. The system is packed with valuable features and functionality to both explode your business and let you monitor detailed statistical results - all delivered to you for a small fraction of the cost of other email systems.

It's taken over a decade to develop and refine Veremail into the behemoth you see before you today. Veremail is endorsed by World Wide Scam as the only legitimate online email marketing system. State and Federal lobbyists for responsible permission based marketing and anti-spam efforts cite Veremail as the example the rest of the industry should follow. Spam is a huge problem in the world today. It costs people money, wastes productivity, raises the cost of various services for consumers, and is just plain annoying. They say you're either part of the problem or part of the solution. Veremail is the solution.

Veremail is very easy to use. The links to the left allow you to navigate through the features and functions available. These out outlined briefly below:

1) Redirect Page

When someone clicks on the verification email you can send them to any website you want, avoiding the Veretekk pitch. You still have the option to send the verified prospect to your many Market Centers but you can also send them direct to your own website, blog, a Traffic Portal of your choice or an affiliate site. The choice is yours!

2) Enter Contacts

At its most basic level you can use Veremail to manually verify a contact by entering their information and submitting it to the system. A verification email will be sent to the contact and once they either respond to the email or click on the verification link contained in it, they will be immediately verified as a contact and added to your database. This feature is especially useful for when someone gives you a business card and you want to add them to your email database.

3) My Contacts

Here you can review and update the contact information for all of the contacts you entered into the system that have verified. You also have the ability to assign them to a Veremail Group. These groups are then available in your Veretekk system Bully Pulpit and Premium Leads so that you can organize your contacts however you see fit and send out email campaigns to any group you like.

4) Create Groups

You have the ability to create an unlimited number of Groups in Veremail. Each group is listed separately in your Veretekk Bully Pulpit so that you can send out specialized emails to each one. You can use these groups to divide and organize the contacts that you manually enter and verify through the system. However, the real reason for having groups is that the system will automatically generate HTML code that you can copy and paste into your own web sites in order to offer a signup form for your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. The code used for each group is a little different. These transportable signup forms that allow you to add Veremail subscription systems on any web site you have access to. That means you can produce dozens of specifically targeted subscription forms each feeding into a different group. Veremail Gold is the only system of it's kind, giving you the ultimate multi ported opportunity service on the planet.

5) My Groups

This is where you manage your Veremail groups. Check the signups for the Veremail form code and update them. Gives you access to change the redirect pages and autoresponders as well as deleting old groups that you don't use.

6) Upload Email List

This is one of the most powerful features of Veremail Gold - and a major differentiator from all other systems. You can upload as many as 300,000 emails per month for verification in order to build large compliment verified email lists. Compare that to the closest competitor's limit to 2,500 per month... and they don't even have verification. (Many have gone out of business because of this in recent years. Good riddance!)

Email lists are widely available throughout the Internet. They cost anywhere from $30 to $100's each. A word of warning: You usually get what you pay for! Choose a responsible source. Veremail Gold includes a sizeable portfolio of professionally written verification sizzle letters, designed to target your markets for significant results. Each letter also utilizes Veremail Gold customization. This means your letters can be targeted and customized, yet stay compliment with all the anti-spam policies. When you upload an email list a verification email is sent to each contact to entice them to verify (by responding to the email or clicking the verification link found in it) and allowing you to send them email. Those that verify will be available for your to email to through your Veretekk Bully Pulpit as a email list group.

But, that's not all! The most powerful aspect of the email list upload process is the statistical tracking. This functionality hasn't even been conceived anywhere else! When you upload your email list the Veremail Analysis Engine will scrutinize each individual email address to determine how many of them are unique or duplicates, how many are new contacts (as compared to those you may already have verified in your database), as well as compare each email to our known spam email list and system blacklists.

7) My Email Lists

As your Veremail campaign executes and the verification emails go out, you'll get even more detailed stats to see not just how many people have verified, but also how many people simply opened the email and how many email addresses were bad (the email bounced). Having this detailed statistical data available allows you to really see how good the email list was and effectiveness of your subject titles. If you buy a list from a reputable source and it turns out to be junk, you'll have the data to go back and demand a refund! Most importantly, this information will allow you to know when you have found a good email list source. No more guessing... With this kind of knowledge, you can make educated corrections to your campaigns, allowing you to fine tune your campaign and that produces greater results. And that folks, is called marketing!

8) Unverified Leads

Finally, this feature is a spill over bonus for Veremail Gold users. Throughout the Veretekk system there are literally 100,000's of leads each day that don't respond to a verification email sent out from one of the many traffic portals that subscribers promote. These unverified leads are funneled to Veremail Gold subscribers in a round robin type fashion. Much like uploading an email list, you can select a verification letter and have it sent out to these unverified leads as a final chance for them to verify. Many of these email addresses are undeliverable, but some are real and will actually verify. (For example, their email box might have been full when the initial verification letter was sent to them.) It doesn't matter how it happens, when someone responds to your email or clicks the verification link inside it, they will be added to your database as a Veremail Capture lead. These leads show up in your Veretekk Bully Pulpit as "Veremail" leads.

If you compare the alternatives, you will discover that there really isn't any. Veremail Gold was built by the Gurus who needed a system that would give them a large sphere of influence - but also be easy-to-use, duplicatable, and spam-proof. No other system comes close. If you are marketing on the Internet, then you know several fundamental issues. Self regulation to prevent spamming isn't working, self proclaimed anti spam zealots are gaining tremendous power without any accountability or recourse. If this situation isn't reversed we may well wind up with an Internet being run by a bunch of self appointed Mid Century Land Barons in a culture over run by spam thugs who think nothing of kicking your door in and stuffing their scams and pornography in your face and rubbing it in. There is a solution and your looking at it.
Enjoy the power and ease that Veremail Gold brings to you.

I used and continue to use the veremail system to build marketing campaigns and funnel systems.

As a Platinum Control Panel System owner in Veretekk I also get people asking me what are the benefits of hooking my Gold Veretekk System to a Platinum Control Panel System. Here are a few I can think of right off the top of my head...

The benefits of having your gold Veretekk system set for you and connected to a PCP.

1. It takes about 6 hours once you know what you are doing to configure and link all of the gold portals by hand.. been there done it not fun!

2. When you are connected to a PCP (Platinum Control Panel) your RSS feeds go out to 20 blogger drones giving you lots of SEO power. I also have the ability to give you word press files already configured to place on your website with your gold system RSS feed configured in it.

3. Your gold system will get back links from other gold systems hooked in my PCP. Currently I have 42 other gold systems hooked in my PCP.

4. Your gold system when hooked in a PCP also connects you with other PCP owners RSS feeds giving you even more back linking power.

5. Through my PCP you have the ability to build web pages and send them to me to host on any or all of your gold system web sites. ... for instance is hosted on my gold "cindy" system Veretekk affiliate site. Again this gives you access to all of the seasoned Veretekk domains to host your content on. This is a VERY powerful benefit.

6. You have and inside connection with an advanced user and trainer in the Veretekk system. Someone who will guide you through all aspects of Veretekk. This alone is very powerful.

Cindy McAsey
Barefoot in the Garden


Unknown said...

Well written Cindy. Veretekk is top notch. I use it every day I market online. I've even used the offline tools/fliers in my network meetings.

Veretekk is awesome,


Cindy McAsey said...

Thanks Ced,

I noticed you are now a Veretrainer Congrats. We have a great group of trainers in Veretekk glad to have you on our team.

Barefoot in the Garden