January 12, 2009

When Recession Hits the Economy... Network Marketing Booms

Hot times are ahead for MLM'ers. This article was refered to in the Veretekk conference tonite. If that isn't enough to set a fire under you, then you need to see what is coming in the big daddy of social networks for tekkies.. Veretekk. Here is a mock up of the home page: http://veretekk.com/web2.0.mockup.html

There are so many features Veretekk has had all along, but now the outside world will understand why those of use who use Veretekk on a daily basis love it and wouldn't be without it to grow our connections online.

Those of you who follow me know I love social networking and twitter has been a favorite tool, but I can forsee the change coming. I've found if you don't watch yourself in Twitter you can get caught up in the noise. I know I've done it. I love building relationships online and twitter is great for that. Let's just say there is a reason why smart businesses use hash tags.

Keep watching this blog for new updates about rolling out our Veretekk community to the outside world. Just so you know you are welcome to come in and look around Veretekk. Gosh it doesn't cost anything and ya might learn something. I know I did.

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