December 08, 2008

MLM Internet Marketing News to Dive Into

The word is out Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing Consultants are in the top 5 careers in "uncertain times" according to Yahoo News. Read the whole story.. So what exactly was said about Internet Marketing?

"Internet Marketer ($53,000) -- from Internet Marketing Specialist ($43,000) to Internet Marketing Life Coach -- $203,000

Online marketers, also called eMarketers or Internet advertisers, work in a lively business sector that changes every day. One of those changes, according to the BLS 2008-09 Occupational Outlook Handbook, is continued growth. Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales manager jobs are highly coveted and will be sought. ... In particular, employers will seek those who have the computer skills to conduct advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales activities on the Internet."

Now I have always believed everyone should have a plan B. It doesn't make any difference if you are working a JOB or in your own business you should always have a plan just in case things go south... if ya know what I mean. If you don't currently have Internet Marketing skills (earning this much yet) isn't it time to do what it takes to get the skills?

Over the weekend I ran across an article saying 80% of "Bloggers" were making only a couple hundered dollars a month from their blog. It went on to say the only revenue they had was ads on their blog. Now I've been blogging before most "bloggers" even knew what the word meant. I've noticed many of the new "social marketers" using this exact strategy. The really sad part is many are tagging themselves as "Social Media Experts"!

Here is the trend I'm seeing. Start 1 blog, sell ads (or use a service like google adsense), build a large social network database, promote 1 blog, get excited when many people reply to a post they promote through social networking. No wonder 80% of bloggers aren't making a living!

Any smart business person knows you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Many times in my live training I use the analagy of the guy in the circus spinning plates. Start one plate get it spinning, then another, then another... knowing you need to go back to the spining plate and give em a spin to keep it going once in awhile.

How about you? Do you need a proven plan of action... an inside track to run on? Maybe it's time we visit. Call me if ya feel the urge...888-272-6701

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