November 12, 2008

The rare told truth about network marketing

In the next 2 minutes I will uncover one of those "business models" people either love or hate. What I am talking about is network marketing, also called mlm, multi-level, and social marketing. In fact many distributors won't admit "their" company is one of "those" companies, gosh sometimes even the companies themselves are in denial. Right from the beginning I will say that there is no need to have extreme views about this, it is simply a business model you can love, hate or use if you wish.

However, it is crucial that you understand HOW the business model of network marketing works.

There are basically two reasons some people seem to freak out, simply by hearing someone mention the word network marketing. Either they have tried it themselves, and because they didn't have a clue on how to do it they failed miserably. Or they belong to the group of people who can't get the idea that mlm = pyramid scheme out of their heads.

This second misconception is easy to debunk. Pyramid schemes are illegal almost everywhere, do you really think large multinational companies could operate year after year on an entirely illegal basis?

Secondly, this view on network marketing shows to me a person just doesn't understand. He or she hasn't done an ounce of homework on the various businesses that are available to each of us today, and they are ignorant of the industry itself.

This means they aren't serious. It means they "would like" to make more money, but have no intention of making it happen. They continually "look" for home businesses, which is enough to satisfy their minds that they "did everything they could", but everything they find out there is flawed and are "scams". They are looking to buy "hope", not a business.

There is a saying that goes something like this:"If you spend too much time proscastining about your next step, you will be standing on one leg for the rest of your life". Yes, there ARE scams out there, but mlm is not a dirty word and it is not a synonym for scam. Get over it!

Something to think about... Is Corporate America a Pyramid Scam?

As for the comparison to a pyramid in general - think of any company that comes to mind. The company will probably have a CEO, president, vice presidents, middle management, a sales force, and hourly employees.

It goes without saying that the guy at the top, the CEO, is going to make the most money, and the compensations continue to decrease down the ladder which starts at his cushy leather chair. The only way to get paid more and move up the ladder is to boot someone else out of their spot - and this is what people call okay and normal!

Not to mention the fact that the corporate slave masters seem to have no problem with working people to the limits...and then kicking them out the door before any of the benefits kick in. (As always there are some exceptions, of course). How is this any less pyramid than network marketing? All people in the company work hard, but ONLY those at the very top has "permission" to make a lot of money.

Now, in network marketing the basic idea is that it will be of great benefit to everyone involved to help people who are new reach the top. In fact the whole business idea hinges on this idea - the best way to become really successful in the long term is to help others. With the "right" company there is no mathematical limit to how large a network can become, add in todays global marketplace, the internet and Web 2.0 social networks and the skies the limit.

A network marketing company can diversify and find new markets, just like all companies have to.

But what about the miserable statistics of network marketing, the over 90% drop-out rate blah blah blah...?

This is mainly caused by the simple fact that not that many people know how to do network marketing correctly. Typically the new distributor is taught to make a "100 list" and once they run through that list they start buying leads. BIG MISTAKE!

This is a somewhat unique industry. Most people don't realize network marketing is a business of marketing and promotion pursued by people who have NO IDEA how to market and promote.

Read the above paragraph once more and let it sink in...

If you are going to be involved in network marketing you need to develop both the right mind set and acquire the right knowledge (no, they usually don't teach this in college).

You will discover when you do this business like our team does:

* You don't have to do "in home parties" selling your stuff.
* You don't have to "walk the mall" and strike up conversations with anyone who comes within 3' of you!
* You don't have to post "work at home" flyers!
* You don't have to "buy leads" or customers for that matter
* People will join with you because of who YOU are.

I'll admit not everyone is cut out for this industry. Not everyone has the power within them to develop the right mindset. Not everyone is willing to acquire the RIGHT knowledge. Yes we have the key that unlocks the network marketing success mystery. A 98% increase in my business last month proves to me there is no recession in this industry.

My question for you... Are you willing to do what it takes to unlock the door and work social marketing plan? (or what ever you want to call it) You might know by now I do my business strictly online. but that doesn't mean you have too. Yes it is a franchise in a sense.. but with a twist. Discover the Franchise Online Business System (or what ever you want to call it)

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