October 20, 2008

NEW Detailed Veretekk Training

If you haven't checked out your Veretekk system lately it's time to take a peek. Tom Prendergast has loaded many excellent recorded flash presentations. These trainings are astounding. I've been an advanced trainer for Veretekk for many years and I'm discovering new nooks and features in this system.

The Gold Veretekk System just got so much more valuable. There is training how to have a spam free forum feed by RSS feeds. It sounds like there is many more advanced trainings coming too. Such as Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Edit Plus etc..

Marketers just getting started marketing online will have lots quicker road to success, by having these excellent recordings accessible 24/7. Veretekk will still have live training and support from many Veretekk Trainers like me. The live trainings will be more question/answer sessions and advanced training that isn't covered in the recordings.

Tomorrow morning I will be doing a web conference training on writing web copy and also go through the VereConfernce features by request.

Now is a good time to get back in touch with Veretekk.

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