September 12, 2008

10 Reason's to use Veretekk as your Main Marketing Tool

1. Lead Generation: With scores of unique Traffic Portals, you are assured of attaining the best, unique, exclusive lead data. Your exclusive leads mean they are looking forward to your call. Or, you can easily transfer individual, groups or all your leads to other Veretekk subscribers that are in your downline. This can virtually create a tsunami of downline success never attainable before.

All data, traffic and search engine rankings for each Traffic Portal is fully verified and verifiable. Never wonder if your ads are pulling, if your email is effective, if your data is accurate. The systems fully account for every action you take inside the system or on other sites, you control the reports.

2. Traffic Initiation: Once you activate the full portfolio of marketing and promotion tools for each portal, the traffic and leads start rolling in. Just push a few buttons and your on your way. That easy!

3. Link Integration: Easily link up to 10 other sites, promotional services, banner exchanges, etc. with a few pull down menus and a couple of buttons to push. One of the scores of systems that pour traffic and leads into your system with every conceivable marketing and advertising system on the Internet. All of your portals are fully integration automated.

4. Custom Configuration: Each one of your Traffic Portals has it's own unique domain name. You can also edit the Title, Meta tags, Hidden copy and text, links, photos and look of each one of your portals. You can also setup each portal to have a different set of sequential autoresponders that start mailing when the lead verifies their email address. This system fully integrates with Inetekk's Veretap systems too. This means, Veretap subscribers can automatically choose to have their leads automatically enrolled into Veretap's tap root automated recruiting systems.

5. Veremail Unlimited Autoresponders: You can set up as many different sequential email sets as you want. Each email set can contain an unlimited number of emails and be configured to send them out with whatever frequency you like. One set could contain 7 emails and send them out once a day for a week. Another could contain 52 emails with them going out each week for a year. It's totally up to you!

6. Flexible Email Content: Messages can can be plain text or HTML. You can include images, style scripts, submission forms, even Flash designs if you like. Veremail supports it all.

7. Spam Free and MAPS Compliant: Veremail enjoys reputable 3rd party validation and is fully endorsed by MAPS and follows its principles for responsible email marketing. MAPS guidelines are widely recognized as the standard for defining the legitimate process to prevent email abuse. Veremail is 100% Spam free and Spam proof. Not only does this allow you to perform email marketing in an ethical manner, it protects you from the liability and litigation associated with irresponsible marketing. Attempting large email campaigns on your own through your own ISP can quickly result in large fines and even imprisonment.

8. Fully Verified & Verifiable: Veremail is the only system in the world that requires double opt-in verification for every single email address, but also provides the public (or ISPs) the ability to query the verification database in order to produce a verifiable activity log that shows exactly when an email address has interacted with the system. Opt-in requests are processed in real time by automatically capturing the date/time and the subscriber's IP address. A global blacklist function is readily available for those who wish to block additional emails.

9. AUTOMATED TOOLS: "The Hammer" that with the click of a single button will blast out 2 BILLION ads on FFA sites getting your veretekk vanity email picked up an marketed to. Your Veretekk autoresponder system in return automatically reverse markets to them for you.(YES! You heard me right, I did say 2 BILLION!)

"The Drill" is a very powerful automated link building tool that with a push of a button posts your add to different 1-family classified sites.

10. Online Community of like minded people. What can I say Veretekk is one of the best online communities for building relationships. Live online web conference training rooms for each Veretrainer gives you personal contact with small groups of people who are building an online business just like you.

Just a glance at the full Gold System in action with 42 fully configurable lead capture pages to promote your business online. Will make some peoples head spin.

Affiliate Site:

Traffic Portals:

1st Classifieds:
Computer Giveaway:
Daily Message Online:
FFA Farm:
Free Page:
Money Machine:
Spam Wars:
Vacation 4 Free:

Profit Portals:
Free FFAs:
Veretekk Regional Portals:

Veretekk Down Under:
Veretekk SEO Portals:

I imagine your mind is starting to get a little overwhelmed. I understand when I first saw the power of Veretekk I was a little overwhelmed too. Simple signup for any, or all of these systems and start testing the powerful tools available to you.

Personally I have been teaching and training folks online how to use Veretekk to grow their business for several years. Once per week in my state of the art web conferencing room, I host advanced training sessions on marketing strategies using Veretekk. If you start with the affiliate system, you will have the advantage of learning from someone who can guide you through the Veretekk marketing mass step by step. Learn advanced marketing strategies that will empower you to success online.

You won't waist time and money looking for the perfect tool ever again to promote your business.
Have you ever thought you have the magic software program, the ebook and all the other tools that say that they can, and will, show you how to make the first page of Google? Hey, take a deep breath and know this. There is nothing, that competes with Veretekk and the Veretekkies who use this powerhouse system." I was probably just like most people learning to market online when I found Veretekk. I had spent way to much on ebooks, software, programs and tools to learn online marketing. That money leak stopped when I found Veretekk and started applying what I learned." Cindy McAsey

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