July 01, 2008

Veretekk Platimum Control Panel Explained

Have you heard all the buzz about the new Veretekk Platimum Control Panel Beta?

How much would you pay for a glimpse of the future? More importantly if you saw the future would you take advantage of it,
or would this just be another missed opportunity. Like the stock you should have sold or the land you could have bought.

A few weeks ago our team got our act together and became part of the Platinum Control Panel Beta group.
Word of Advise for people thinking about joining the Beta Group... Don't push button's without expecting something to happen!

I have to admit the first glimpse of the PCP my mind was stretched a little, but it didn't take me very long to wrap my head around it and
start plugging in gold systems.
I have to tell ya... when it comes to organizing many features into one small compact space Veretekk
can beat any web page or system out there.

I think what excites me the most is I can take a brand new (non-Internet savy) person and plug them into
our team PCP
, teach them how to do a couple of simple tasks daily and that's it. No more does that new person have to spend hours on
end going to training trying to figure out how Veretekk works. Then on top of that all the time (and worry) it takes to set their system up
correctly. As a Platinum Control System owner you can do it for them.

Probably one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for a new person marketing online is confidence. The platinum control panel and a
good team leader takes away the confidence barrier. As long as you have good keywords and landing pages that convert it's a matter of writing good content and putting it into the RSS feeds.

When I was first introduced to the Platinum Control Panel it took a little time to figure out how to best utilize it for our
team. My business isn't SEO but I do use SEO in my business
. In other wards people don't pay me to do SEO work for them.
I've been using blogging and RSS feeds in my business before most even knew it existed. I'm already in the top of the search engines
for my keywords doing it the hard way, so why would I need a PCP? I needed it for my team,
and I had find the serious marketers on my team. As Tom Prendergast says, "The Platinum Control System isn't for everybody" The content still has to be written and put into the system.

What about you...

Do you have a team that could use some help growing their business?

Do you consider yourself a SEO master and want to sell that service?

Do you have a product or service you want to sell online with success?

You need to do what it takes to qualify for the Platinum Control Panel Beta Group or partner with someone who has a PCP.

Probably the biggest mistake I've seen happen is Veretekkies not seeing enough value in the Platinum Control Panel to find a way to get one for themselves or access to one. If you have been in Veretekk for sometime and brought in several other Veretekk users you need to pay attention or this will turn into another missed opportunity for you. Like the stock you should have sold or the land you could have bought.


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