June 09, 2008

Veretekk Announces Platimum Control Panel Beta

Just in case you missed the Veretekk State of the Week update last night I've recorded the whole session for you. This is one of those don't miss sessions. Mike Darling the master programer showed us a glimpse of the power of our new PCP. (Platimum Control Panel)

If you understand marketing online and SEO at all better put your seat belt on cause this is pretty powerful.


Now if you just listened to this and think this all sounds good, but...
A. you don't have a team of people to use the system with (or not in SEO business)
B. just don't have the funds to get your own PCP system
C. think it sounds great but don't yet understand how it works

WE NEED TO TALK! Call me 888-272-6701

I'm all about helping out the little guy online. If you are comfortable writing content, know your target market then this process will be pretty simple for you.

If you are completely new to online marketing, this process will take a little more time but can still be very effective for you once you learn a few simple skills.

Either way as an advanced trainer in Veretekk and a seasoned online marketer, I do have the ability to make a difference in your ability to successfully market online. Are you going to keep struggling online, buying into every program and ebook out there on online marketing or are you ready for some REAL help?

Lets talk and see what will work best for YOUR business.

Cindy McAsey
Marketing Strategies Coach

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