June 06, 2008

MLM Training: Veretekk the Baby Pool of Social Networks

In the MLM world it's been a well known fact that many of the old school marketers started purchasing leads after they ran out of friends and family. We in Veretekk know there are much better and less expensive ways to attract people into our business. We have classes about reverse marketing and of course "Veretekk" is the master automated reverse marketing machine.

I'm seeing a new wave on the horizon for the MLM world. The CEO of my primary company has been urging distributors to use social networking as a way to grow business for a few years now. I personally told myself I didn't have time for all that social stuff. I would rather attract people into my business via the search engines, blogging, and networking via reverse marketing techniques we use in Veretekk. Little did I know I've been in social networking group all along it's called VERETEKK!

Veretekk is great place to develop many online skills and learn marketing strategies. Social networking is both a skill and a marketing strategy. Remember the formula I use for online success? Skills + Strategies + Testing + Fine Tuning Based on Results = Online Success

Do me a favor and don't jump into the deep end of "testing" social networking before you learn the proper skills and strategies. Go into online social networking communities like a professional business person you are, not someone who is poking around and testing the waters. I consider our Veretekk network like the safe haven for networking, kind of like the baby pool. You come to training develop relationships and we will guide you in the right direction. (also tell ya NO & STOP if needed)

This week I stretched my brain to the max with html code and setting up a marketing funnel into Veretekk. That code stuff will get me every time. I know as an online business owner I need to understand and keep trying to master it, so I keep doing it.

My question for you... Are you ready to have your brain stretched a little on art of social networking? If so, you need to do what it takes to make to my training room this Tuesday morning. You know that new wave on the horizon I was talking about? I'm going to give you a glimpse of it on Tuesday. Guaranteed to bring out some ah ha moments and stretch some brains.

Cindy McAsey

Marketing Strategies Coach

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