June 13, 2008

MLM Training Tip: The Power of Newspaper Ads

Sometimes we get so caught up on online marketing that we overlook one of the oldest most powerful forms of advertising. Good old fashion newspaper classifieds. Wether we want to admit it or not, there will always be a percentage of the population that will still go to the newspaper when looking for something. I still glance at the newspaper just to keep with the pulse of today's offline world. Since the invention of the printing press business owners have been using this method as an effective build businesses.

Newspaper advertising is a very cost effective way to market your business if done correctly. How does it work? Newspaper ads work by getting your message in front of people who are looking, and newspaper ads let you reach more people than you can normally reach by other methods. It also allows you to reach different geographic areas with ease.

What results does this form of advertising produce? Typically 20 to 25 prospects (people requesting more information by filling out my form at barfootboss.biz) for the average daily newspaper per week. Typically 10 to 20 prospects for the average weekly community newspaper. Your numbers may be different depending on what you are promoting.

Ads in the newspaper can be very effective. If placing an ad in the local paper, I recommend the classified section and running it for 3 days only first starting on Sunday or Monday only to see if it generates results. If it doesn't, don't keep running it. I also recommend testing the "business opportunity" section of the paper. Many times this section is a graveyard for advertising, but sometimes it can surprise you and turn out to be a gold mine. You will never know until you test it.

I have also found that weekly community newspapers that are delivered to peoples homes (such as a country newspaper or neighborhood newspaper) tend to produce very good results and sometimes more than daily newspapers. Never run an ad and commit to running it for numerous days on the first run. Any time you run an new ad, always run it one time only and see if it generates any responses. Only after proving itself should you run it more often.

Many newspapers work diligently in keeping any type of "business opportunity" ad out of the employment section. However, there is a simple way in getting your ad placed in the employment section if you run against any obstacles. The key to successful advertising is testing. Try one ad and measure its results. Then modify the ad or use different one to see if it increases results.

I use an online newspaper classified ad service called NationWideClassifieds. I have found they have better prices than if contact I newspapers individually, plus it's easier to keep track of your ads.

If many of my marketing methods seem like a foreign language to you, consider taking your business to the next level with some private coaching. I know when made up my mind that no matter what I was going to build a strong viable business that's what I did. Did you know the average time to go from zero to a millionaire is 23 years. With a mentor it's 4 years.

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