June 17, 2008

MLM Training Tip: Have you made this mistake?

I just got off the phone with a marketing buddy I hadn't heard from in almost 2 years. He had made a big mistake in his online business by having all his income coming from one program. The company he was involved in went belly up and domino effect of events going downhill started happening in his life. Now 2 years later he is taking another look online business and diversifying. Our conversation was all about staying diversified and have income streams coming into your business from many different sources.

This past week a tornado swept through Kansas destroying 80% of a town less than 15 miles away. From the looks of the destruction mother nature spared our farm holding the tornado high in the sky for several miles. As I look over the last several years marketing online there have been several disasters thought our world. Not one of these disasters has had a huge impact on my business. If my business would have been a local brick and mortar business relying on the local community only, lets just say the economic outlook wouldn't be good.

I have a friend on twitter who's community is going through much of what our local community is going through. Here one of many messages: "We're underwater here in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Worst flood ever. Lots of people displaced, homes and businesses ruined. Sad times."

These are 3 instances in a week that make it very clear why you want a diversified online business. You never want have all your eggs in one basket that goes for customers and products or services that you market. You do want to create your own image and brand for your business. Then put it together like a puzzle tailored to fit you.

Last week Mike Darling mentioned how keywords can make or break your Veretekk marketing campaign. When I heard him say that all I could think of is more people need to know about Dianna Metiva's Keyword classes she offers in Veretekk. Dianna has taken keyword research to a whole new level. I consider her an expert at keyword research, she has so many tools and cross references it will make your head spin. If you don't do anything else for your business this summer be sure to attend one of her classes.

As I told my twitter friend last week, The only thing we know for sure we will all die someday, what we don't know is when. This is just part of life, those who survive will become stronger because of their experiences. This is very much like succeeding in business it takes someone who has emotional courage and grit. How about you do you have what it takes to make your business survive? One of my best moves I made when I jumped into my business full time was hiring a business coach. Find someone who has done what you are learning to do. Make sure they can give you undivided attention. This will cost you, but is worth it.

Need a simple step by step income stream to to diversify your online business? http://www.afranchiseonline.com

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Barefoot in the Garden

My Life's Purpose is Others' Success

It doesn't matter that 10,000 doors might be slammed in your face, because when door number 10,001 flies open, revealing pathways of jade and gardens of love, with flowers dancing, fountains sparkling, friends blushing, moonbeams beaming, and abundance abounding, you'll completely forget about all the other doors.

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