May 22, 2008

MLM Training Tips for writing content

In the next 2 minutes you are going to learn a skill that will lead to a strategy. Remember last week I showed you the formula I use for online success? Skills + Strategies + Testing + Fine Tuning Based on Results = Online Success

Everyone starts out at a different place when they come online and start marketing. What I'm about to share with you is for the person who is absoultly terrified to put a written word down. I have found this little free tool online that most internet marketers are going to great lengths to figure out how to best use it. When I first saw it I knew exactly the people it could help. This little tool is called twitter. I feel one huge value it will deliver is for people who are terrified to put a written word online.

In the Veretekk web conference rooms most "veretekkies" don't have a problem chating back and forth in the text chat area. I've noticed some of the same people who are good text chatters telling me in class they terrified of writing content. This is where twitter comes in for those who have a fear of starting to write content. With twitter you can only write 140 charaters and that's it. It's a mini RSS feed and even though I don't see it as a SEO tool, it does get spidered by google.

You be the judge, get a twitter account (, then start logging your daily activities. Basically every time you post think of it as a friend asking you what you are doing? All you are doing is answering the question. After you answer this question several times a day over a couple of weeks it will become very routine for you. When you feel comfortable answering this question over and over, start paying attention to logging what you are doing in your business. Remember you only have 140 charaters to work with, soon you will have a hard time compressing your answers in only 140 charaters.

Little by little begin placing your business answers to "what are you doing" in note pad, or what I do is just write in edit plus where you aren't limited to 140 charaters. Keep writing your content in a conversation mode, but instead of just answering the question "what are you doing" start telling stories of what happened today just like you were telling your friend. As you progress with these short stories start placing this content in your blogfather feed.

The way I look at it some content is better than no content at all. In time as you develop a habit of writing about your business you will want to start to think about who you are writing this content for and what keywords they might search on to find your content. There are many Veretekk trainings weekly that talk about choosing your target market and the best keywords to optimize your blogfather news feed for. Remember all the training in the world won't help you if you are unable to act on what you learn.

I assume you are a serious marketer if you are using the Veretekk system. Take advantage of the power of Veretekk and do what it takes to ease your way into writing your own content for your news feed. No one knows your business like you do. Every business needs customers and most businesses will partner with other businesses as a way to expand. Bottom line every business needs people wether they are customers or business partners to survive.

You must understand that people don't join companies. People don't join products. People don't join compensation plans, and they don't join systems either. The KEY is PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE. This is a relationship business. People will be drawn to you for the positive qualities they believe exist within themselves. In a similar way people will tend to push away from those qualities they fear most in themselves. This is a good thing, wouldn't you rather do business with people whom you have something in common with?

Think of marketing online like being amoung a huge sea of people, when you write your own content you will attract into your business the people who are attracted to you by what you write.

If you have a dream to run your own business and become an online success story like I did making passive income, start plugging into my trainings. My Veretekk training is exclusive for gold Veretekk members who are serious about learning my marketing strategies to build their own business success. If this is you, take inspired action, and show up. Let me show you my event schedule
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