May 15, 2008

MLM Training Tips for Savy Marketers

If you are like me... a savy marketer... you are always looking for ways to do less work and more time living life. A few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and use a system that was already built, and proven to work. In fact I searched this system out online. You see I knew this Paul Birdsall guy was growing by leaps and bounds in my primary company, but because I had worked so hard to create my own image and brand online I hesitated to join and use his system.

When I first looked at the Streamline Sponsoring System I got it! I knew exactly what he was doing and how and why it worked soo good for him. My next decision was.... did I want to build my own system like it or swallow my pride and use what he had already built. The reason I made the decision to use and market Paul Birdsall's system wasn't for me, it was for all the brand new marketers I would be bringing aboard. I know I can be successful at what ever I decide to market, but I know at the same time when you are new to something you need a VERY SIMPLE SYSTEM, and simple step by step training etc.

Now don't get me wrong I will be using Veretekk to market this system... all I'm saying is for a NEW person starting out they start with very simple strategies can see success in days not months. Once they plug into my team I'll be teaching them more advanced marketing strategies. Guys I have this very clear vision how to take a brand new marketer and plug them into the new platimum Veretekk control panel once they have proven to me they are coachable and can handle the power of Veretekk. I will have a limited number of people that I can do this with so the clock is ticking.. will you be part of our savy marketing team?

Now that I'm a streamline member, have access to what Paul is teaching, I know he isn't the "bad guy" the internet had made him out to be. I can see his marketing strategies have been perfected over time just like mine have. Paul is now marketing from the heart and even gives worst case senerios... This truth marketing strategy weeds out the "something for nothing seekers" that we don't want to waist our time with anyway.

I wanted to show you one of the sample email's that truly shows this from the heart marketing strategy. Be sure to watch the video... his little boy is sooo cute! Think about it guys how much more simple can it be when you have email's, ads, Joint Venture strategies already laid out for your team.

Here is that sample email...

Hi ______ <insert their name>

I just got my own website and partnered with someone who is teaching me how to make money online in my own home based business. He's actually a full time stay at home dad who teaches people to do the same and you get a fully loaded website all set up for you. You might wanna hear what he has to say it's all really kewl. Just click this link to watch his short 6 minute video explaining it all. When your done go take a look at my website and let me know what you think, ok?  Maybe we can be partners together on this.

Here's his video:

Here's my website:   < -- I added this just in case you are curious-- >

Your Friend,

_________________ <-- insert YOUR name, of course! ;-)

P.S.  One more thing, they even have a car program.  So we can both get new cars!

I want you to sit down and really look at what you are marketing....

With what you are currently marketing can you honestly say to yourself...

It would be simple for a newbie just getting started on my team, to invest less than 500 hundred bucks, spend no more than 10-15 hours per week and still be making a residual $5000 a month in 3 years? (Remember this is next to the worst case scenerio based on a 90% failure rate)

What you need to remember is that Streamline Site itself is the cash generator that sustains your business from month to month. You will earn $15 everytime someone purchases a streamline site. It's one level straight commission affiliate program... again very SIMPLE.

As a marketing strategies coach I see and seek out many marketing strategies daily, I have to tell you this is one of the simplest to understand and get started with marketing funnel's I've seen. If you are like me and always on the look out for ways to do less work and have more time living life you maybe you should take a closer look.

The clock is ticking....

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