May 09, 2008

Choosing an MLM Business - Something to think about...

Before you just jump into an MLM business you should do your homework and find out exactly how much time, effort, and money it's going to take to earn the income you desire.

Not only is the company you choose very important also the team you join will make or break your business. Does the team your thinking about joining have a simple step by step process that even the newest distributor with NO internet marketing experience follow and have success? Here is what we are using on our team

By the way as you can see I didn't set up this website I'm just another smart distributor that understands the power of a simple automated system.

Ok now back to the company...Does the company have a consumable product that people use everyday and needs to re-order? Are their support materials easily accessable to use for marketing purposes. I'm not talking about company flyers guys.. I'm talking about real content that can be used for online marketing purposes.

You know there is lots of support materials for a company when they have to put up a whole web page with links to web sites and expalining who might be interested in this piticular site. Here is the NEW Support Link for our company. This handy support guide website contains both the URL, Site Description, and also explains who should use this site.

It's always a good idea when choosing an MLM business to pick a company that can stand with just the products they promote even if there weren't a business opportunity attached with it. I know distributors in my company that have built huge businesses just selling products NOT recruiting Distributors. To be honest that's where my bread and butter income comes from. It's customers not distributors.

I personally bring in lots of FREE customers, because I'm able to ride the wave of 3rd party validation and 50+ years of content about the product.

Did you happen to see the article I wrote called "I'm mailing Naked" about all the FREEE press our company is getting from 3rd party validators. You might be thinking so why is this important and what does that have to do with mailing naked. I tell it all in this article.

Unfortunatly because of the content in this article I'm not able to post it online but I can give you access to it. If you send a blank email too: thanks to the power of technology and Veretekk you will get the popular "I'm mailing NAKED" article along with an explaination of why I titled it the way I did.

Just in case you missed it... it's one of thos keeper articles just send a blank email to: and you will automatically get it. Don't worry you won't be flooded with email just once in a while get really good content on marketing strategies from me!

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