April 11, 2008

Trade Secrets of Testing and Tracking for Results

If you are serious about marketing online to grow your business you will pay attention to what I'm going to share in this post!

I personally don't think of myself as a big "numbers" person, however the longer I'm online the more I realize testing and tracking is just part of running a successful online business. Tracking where the traffic is coming from on your sites will help you to know what to focus on. That's how I generally know when google has ranked my sites for a certain keyword.

Many times I've thought if I could just see the click throughs of other sites it would sure take my marketing, testing and more importantly results to the next level. Now thanks to YouTube adding some new features we can see other video's Stats! When you view a YouTube video, right underneath is a NEW "Statistics & Info" tab. Before they added these tabs when you loaded a video you could choose wether or not to show these statistics. Now for the time being, all video's by defalt are showing stats.

YouTube's new Stats Tab shows only the top 5 referring sites, but this is extremely VALUABLE information. Now you can look at any of your competitor's videos and see 'where' most of their traffic is coming from. This is a great way to find new business strategies, possible business partners or content publishers in your market that would be ideal to send traffic to YOUR videos. Another nice and very viral feature YouTube just added is a link to add the video to MySpace or Facebook.

If you aren't yet tracking stats on your business I encourage you to start a routine to check stats daily. By doing this in time you will be able to visualize what the next day will look like, what's working what isn't etc. Every traffic portal in Veretekk gives you stats, it's up to you to check em and learn from what they are telling you. If one of your marketing strategies is YouTube GO NOW and do some valuable research into your competitors'videos before they HIDE the referral data.

Cindy McAsey
Marketing Strategies Coach
Takes your Business to the next level

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