April 17, 2008

Automated Marketing System Explained

Last Sunday in the Veretekk weekly update session we were given some first hand knowledge about how to use Veretekk's Automated Marketing System. Tom Prendergast the CEO of Veretekk has started marketing an MLM business that he has silently been a part of for about 6 years. Now I'm not a part of that business, but I'm reaping the benefits from Tom using Veretekk and then sharing what he is doing.

I captured the recording of this first class "training" Veretekk Automated Lead Generation Training CLICK HERE to listen.

It might take you a few times if you are new marketing online and automated marketing systems to understand how this all fits together. Let me tell ya when Tom Prendergast started talking about a Platimun Veretekk system I was sitting on the edge of my chair and soaking up everything he was saying. Then I realized I already had several Gold Veretekk Systems and if I configured and transfered leads like he taught on Sunday night I have a VERETEKK PLATIMUM SYSTEM!

If you have ever questioned Veretekk Automated Marketing System before after "getting it" you will be faunching at the bit for more. If your marketing strategies on the internet aren't automated the energizer bunny in you will wear out before you hit get to the finish line.

By using Veretekk's Automated Marketing System you can sort through and decide who you want to do business with. I was taught early on in my business there are 2 different way's to bring people in either they come to you or you go first. The people coming into the Veretekk Automated Marketing System come to you, it's up to you to sort through and decide who you want to work with.

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