March 07, 2008

Veretekk's Economic Stimulus Plan

For the month of March Veretekk is going to be sharing all of the profits with us! This is an excellent marketing strategy that one hard working Veretekkie will benefit from. It all boils down too picking up the phone and calling your free silver members and promoting the Veretekk automated lead generation system. The way I explained it last night in our weekly get together... it's a win win situation. If you are the person that wins the contest you get the jack pot. If you don't what's the worst that can happen... you might find a new business builder for you primary or maybe get several gold veretekk signups either way you win!

Here's how it works (taken straight from the Veretekk Bully Pulpit)

At the beginning of this month, we make note of the number of current Gold subscribers. That number is confidential of course but we have a third party verify that this is in fact true.

At the end of the month we subtract the first of the month current Gold subscribers (This is why we call it the Bench Mark) from the current Gold subscribers at the end of the month. Most of the time this number is more. Sometimes it is less. Credit cards fail, people cancel, etc.

Some months the number has grown in excess of 500. I think you get the picture.

We want to reward the Veretekk™ Gold subscriber that converts the most Gold upgrades for the month. We have the ability to track this. The bonus is $20 times the total growth from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. And we will pay this to one of you that converts the most Gold subscribers in your front line. This is only available to Gold subscribers.

Here is an assumption on how this would work. At the beginning of the month we Bench Mark the current Gold subscribers at 1000. At the end of the month we Bench Mark 1,843 current Gold subscribers. It does not matter if they are new or restored Gold accounts. All that matters is the number of current Gold subscribers at the end of the month.

The bonus for this illustration to the Gold subscriber that had the most Gold restores and upgrades in their first level for the month would be $16,860 dollars.

This is serious money. Lets talk what ifs. If you were to go out on your own assuming Veretekk™ did not exist and had to purchase the tools, Traffic Portals, Veremail verification technology, training, etc. it would easily represent over $2000.00 per month. We want you to share this knowledge with your Silvers.

Seriously, I am now using Veretekk™ to build a new leg in my MLM business and using my own Gold Veretekk™ sphere of influence and the Gold Veretekk™ tools, I have put over 500 members in my new leg in my organization in about 1 week.

Anyone that is serious about building an online business is foolish not to have at least one Gold Veretekk™ system. Many Gold subscribers see this and have multiple Gold accounts.

To help you in this quest, you will also notice that the Silver system is currently being re-configured to Silver Limited with most of the tools that used to be available becoming Flash training. In other words, the free ride is over for Silver Veretekk™ users.

Bottom line is, I am going to build Veretekk™ Gold subscribers. The added revenue will be used to hire an advertising agency and to get us into cable TV ads, radio shows, etc. so that the market at large becomes aware of the power of Veretekk™. This is to your best advantage because when I promote the root domain, those signups are randomly shared with all current Veretekk™ Gold subscribers.

The time to act is now. This will be a huge year with the media constantly pounding the drum of economic doom. The rumors of economic doom are massive for our businesses on the Internet. Remember folks, this is a major political year with the coming Presidential elections. It is typical of the media to play up economic uncertainty for their agendas.

This agenda will drive business to you if you know how to work the Internet. If you get into our trainings and learn about how to really work marketing on the Internet with your Veretekk™ Gold system(s), you will profit!

Time to get on the phone!

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