March 14, 2008

MLM Training Tips for Good Telephone Selling

Do you have to convince customers, bosses, or employees via the telephone? Ready or not, you're in telephone sales. Even with all the enthusiasm about the Internet, most business still revolves around the phone.

Here are some quick tips for making your point more

Talk clearly. Use short sentences. Talk loud enough but don't over-modulate the mouthpiece (that's announcer talk for distortion). This can be especially tricky when you're on the cell phone in the car.

I learned a trick from talking to newspaper reporters when I was in the corporate world. When you're talking with a reporter and you want them to write down particular points but not others, vary your pace. Talk fast through the points you don't feel are important, but slow down and enunciate the important parts you want in print. The same works for selling on the telephone.

Leave the script behind. Instead, jot down a few phrases
that remind you of your important points. Ad-lib around
these to keep your pitch on track.

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