March 18, 2008

MLM Tip to THINK About

Watch this...Short... Fun... Professional Video

Can you feel the Professional Flair of this event?

There is a point I want to make here... This is a blog about MLM training tips. Most of the time people reading this are looking for tools and tips to help them with their MLM business. In this post I want you to sit down and reflect if you are on the right path in your MLM business.

If you had a choice between joining a start up MLM and one that has a track record join the one that has a track record. This hasn't always been the case, because most MLM'ers know when you get in on the front end of the "next new deal" there is lots of money to be made. With the internet... the tables have turned... let me explain. There are so many new MLM's that are here today gone tomorrow, waisting your precious time and resources.

Do you want a good MLM business for 6 months or a lifetime? How long do you think your sphere of influence will follow you if you keep choosing companies that go belly up in a few months or years?

If you couldn't feel the power of a well established company with lots of resources in this video I think you need your pulse taken. Doesn't it make sense to join something that has much of your marketing, training and professional presentations done for you?

This company has been around 50+ years and is just now expanding to new markets in other countries. Think about the power of communication we have to connect with other countries using the internet, web conferencing, automated lead generation, social networking etc...

Now think about the SEO aspect and keyword selection. Check out iGoogle or Alexa put in your MLM and then put in and compare the two sites. There are already many searches for keywords relating to this company online, thanks to the promotion $$ the company is sinking into expand just in the US alone. Think about it... any company who makes Oprah show 7 times in 8 months is doing something right!

Oh btw... My family and I were part of the crowd in this video and I can assure you it was a fun time. This celebration was produced by some of the top name event planners and everything was FIRST CLASS. Watching this video brings back memories of the exciting, fun, professional company we choose to be a part of. Learn more...

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