February 02, 2008

Most Powerful Words: I have an Idea

Ideas are what has made this country great. Many people have ideas but how many act on them? I have found there are certain instances that cause people to act on their ideas. How many times has someone told you a great idea and then never acted on it? It happens all the time.

The first of the year many people act on their ideas. It's that news years resolution thing working... In fact in my barefoot biz company there were 30,000 people act on an idea to become part of that company in January 2008 alone.

It's a fact that we have been talking about for a almost a year we are in a huge growth wave. I can tell you though the company just didn't automatically grow by itself. This is the result of lots of effort and time put in by many distributors.

Are you acting on your ideas? Did you sponsor over 20 people into your business last month? If not ponder this...

Frequency and Quantity ...

Here is what I suggest for your self talk about getting yourself going. How often - How many? How often - How many? How often - How many? How often - How many?

Over and over again this is what you need to tell yourself.

Instant gratification is a terminal disease. People who need success RIGHT NOW. If it doesn't happen NOW ... you know what I mean. Building this business takes some effort, patience, belief. I will say just two things for you to ponder on ...

1. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the present to get the future, and fight off all thinking of instant gratification.

2. Compromise. Don't compromise your future with things that don't matter.

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