January 22, 2008

News on VereConference Web Conferencing Upgrades

Over the last week we have had some updates to VereConference and it has caused some un-needed stress for web conferencing users and moderaters. Here is the deal... there was an upgrede from version 4.3 to 4.5 and all that is needed is to re-install the plug in again.

If you are using WINDOWS VISTA you must be logged as the adminstrator and must first take off the old plug then install the new plug in.

If you are using XP and struggle it's either your firewall or active X settings messing up the installation. Go to the troubleshooting page at http://barefoot.vereconference.com and work through the steps in the guide.

As a last resort you can always enter VereConference using the newest version 5, there is no plug in required just Java and most people have that already installed on their computer. If not just go to www.java.com it's free and any serious marketer should have it on their computer just to access.

The main difference between Version 4.5 and 5 is no need to install the plug in. Also version 5 has screen casting, which is a great enhancement especially for people doing production videos of their trainings. Both versions have the ability to do interactive web conferencing vie web cam. Yes you heard that right LIVE interactive talking back and forth using your web cam.

I hope this helps clear the air a little of where VereConference is and where it's headed. One thing about VereConference don't close your eyes for too long or you will come back and have to learn all over again. Don't you just love new technology!

Acutally I have a blog dedicated just for VereConference with lots more information on web conferencing take a look at: http://barefootwebconference.blogspot.com/

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