December 13, 2007

New Training Modules in Veretekk

There have been a few people ask me why I haven’t posted the Sunday Evening Updates to Veretekk Recordings. Veretekk has started doing their own recordings and sending them out via the Bully Pulpit.

I did update everyone attending my training yesterday morning before we lost power here in KS. One of the best new features Veretekk has to offer are the new training modules located under VereTraining. These modules were just updated last week and are great for people who don’t yet understand how Veretekk works.or for those who want a refresher course.

These training modules are done with a new technology that VereConference offers in there latest version 5 of the ivocalize software. If you haven’t found these recordings you must take a look. In fact the basic silver configuration training is a great consistant training for someone new just starting with Veretekk.

For those reading this who haven’t had a chance to check our a free Veretekk system CLICK HERE and check it out.

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