November 05, 2007

Wow what a Veretekk Web Conference!

Learn new things coming down the pike in Veretekk. I'm seeing more and more opportunities for people who come to me and want to making a living on the internet. This can be done with NO up front money on your part. What you must bring to the table is a committment to succeed and a willingness to learn and grasp ahold of what we are teaching in Veretekk.

The MLM advertising portal is coming along nicely. Mike Darling explains how this MLM portal is going to work. I personally think it will be more powerful and tageted than Google Adsense or Google Adwords. This MLM advertising portal will become and essential reach out method for many MLM businesses.

Something that became very clear to me while listening to this web conference last night. I've been training in VereConference since last Feburary and never had a big group to training. VereConference backoffice is soo simple to set up that there isn't really a need to train people how to set it up. I'm thinking about moving away from a weekly VereConference only training and focusing on getting people up to speed in Veretekk, because I know that's where I can help the most people succeed online.


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