November 28, 2007

MLM Online Business Success Story

This is a picture of my son Adam. You might look at this picture and think he just looks like an ordinary person. Many times online you see read about people boasting about how much money they make and pictures in front the fancy car's and houses.

This picture was taken last August in Nashville at our companies national convention. Notice the silver band on his wrist? That band stands for a "Star Achiver" This is and award our company gives out to the director's who have had great accomplishments. The only way you would have know Adam was a star achiver was by this wrist band. You see Adam is a VERY SHY person who built his business strictly online.

Over the last several years Adam has seen his bonus check steadly increase. It was the bonus checks that helped put him through college. In fact when he graduated last year I was on cloud 9 for several weeks. LEARN MORE

Now exactly what happened for me is happening for Adam. People are contacting him about his business. They can see in Adam what I think people see in me when I have huge growth in my business. People just have a way of knowing. I guess the point I want to make here is you don't need to flash big numbers in front of people or fancy stuff. When you have success people know, they see a confidence level in you and understand. Online all you need to do is tell your story. This is what makes blogging so powerful.

Yes Adam has reached a huge milestone in his business and his confidence is reflected in his actions. LEARN MORE

It's amazing what confidence will do for someone. This is the same little boy who used to hide behind my leg when someone new would walk up. This is the same little boy whom we spent many hours preparing for his first project talk and then we could only get him to stand up front with his dog right there beside him. Yes I am a proud Mom and I can see what business success does for him.

Are you struggling in your business? Do you need a little help for MLM success. I have the tools, knowledge, and the knack for helping others to their goals. What you must bring to the table is the desire. Trust me it does make a difference who your sponsor in a program is. My phone rings daily with people who find out I'm in the same business as they are and want help with success. What they saw was the flashy promises they didn't investigate the person deep enough to know their primary focus is recruiting or SEO not mentoring.

Ok... here is a little business lesson. People who focus just on recruiting will not stay with a one company or business opportunity for years, they jump on the next big thing, recruit, then go onto something else and try to pull all of their past customers to the next "new deal." What happens many many people are left behind searching for people to help them get the orginal business going. Their sponsor is long gone so they are no use to them any more.

People who focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) are very easy to find and bring in people to what ever program they are working. Again their focus is SEO not training and mentoring. There is lots more to succeeding at online business than SEO. I've taught and mentored people who have become SEO experts. SEO isn't tough learn, trust me knowing how to do it won't get you to the top of the SE's. It's the daily work and determination that makes the SEO person and expert. I commend anyone who does SEO for a business, because I know the work involved to succeed. At same time I know if they are serious about their SEO work they don't have time to mentor someone in a program they are promoting.

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jim said...

Good story; congrats to your son on his accomplishments.

I also agree with your assessment about people who go from business to business! Continued good success in your endeavors!


Cindy McAsey said...

Thanks Jim,

I talked to Adam last night... he LOVES his New Truck! It's a wonderful feeling as a Mom to see your kids live out their dream.

Cindy McAsey
The Barefoot Mentor