October 03, 2007

Have you seen the Apprentice?

Now I'm not a TV watcher, but when it comes to business lessons I do take note. Personally I can't say I ever personally watched the apprentice, but I did read the book from one of the winners of the apprentice "Bill Rancic" It was an awesome book and it helped me to understand the format of the show. The book is called "You're Hired" How to succeed in Business and Life.

I just realized this morning, On our Barefoot Team of Account Executives we are doing the same concept as the show "The Apprentice." It's very much the same as a new college graduate does in their first JOB too. Once you have the basic knowledge then you get a "JOB" to learn how to put theory to work in a real situation.

Now in the Apprentice they were competing for a "JOB" under Donald Trump. In the real world it's simmular to. The first job out of school many new graduates are competing for the promotion or best position and income they can earn for the time they put in.

On our Barefoot Marketing Account Executives Team we have fun competitions too. Our competitions are designed to help the each person on the team to produce more in a day and get past the non-productive hours. More importantly it's teaching them good work habits. When you work at home there is no one telling you it's time to get to work, or no time clocks to punch. This is one way to get "in the habit" of being productive while working at home.

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