October 29, 2007

Halloween Marketing Tip & Veretekk Update

As you are out taking your kids around this halloween or if you live somewhere you will have lots of trick or treaters... why don't you take advantage of the networking opportunity. Now I don't suggest you strike a conversation in the few short minutes at the door, but you could hand a sizzle card to the person or drop it into the halloween bag full of goodies and say this is for you!

Now you might be asking what is a sizzle card. It's nothing more than a BRIGHT colored card designed to grab attention. It has a short message on it something like "Tired of living pay check to pay check? What if life got easier call ###." or something like that. The phone number you have on that card should have a short 3 minute compelling recording of YOU (not your upline or some company guru) about the business you are promoting.

I hadn't posted a recording of the weekly updates in Veretekk for awhile... so last night after a fun weekend of playing with our little skunk (Jayce Michael McAsey) I jumped online and recorded the Veretekk State of the Week updates with Tom Prendergast. Link to the mp3 only.

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