September 17, 2007

Veretekk News you can Use..

The last couple of Sunday update conferences will get you to thinking for sure. There are so many new things happening online and Veretekk Sunday Conferences sure do keep us in the loop. This recording is from September 9th

Last night's Veretekk Conference was a keeper too. If you think you are faced with adversity you need to listen and be greatful for what you have. Being in the health and wellness business it's always hard for me when I hear about someone who is struggling with bad health. Last night was one of those nights, not only for me but several of my business associates.

The company I market products just released a 20 year landmark study that will make you think twice about what you are putting into your body and long term effects. I remember thinking wow this company is really putting their reputation on the line doing this study. The study was done by independent 3 party's and the results were astounding... See for yourself!

If this last Veretekk Conference Recording doesn't get you to thinking I think we might need to check for a pulse. September 16 Veretekk Conference Recording

Just so you know these web conferences are focused more on turn of events not the logistics of the actual Veretekk system. If you haven't figured out Veretekk yet, by that I mean how to set up and work the system you will need to get in on some of my trainings. Here is my event schedule for this week.

For those who have been attending trainings and still just don't get it. It's OK... I will do private coaching sessions to help you understand. Just get in contact with me, Cindy McAsey through my instant online messenger to the upper right.

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