September 06, 2007

Mindset Tip: 5 Step Method to Create Wealth from the Inside out!

I learned so much from Dr. Joe Vitale in his book called "The Attractor Factor" There are many books, movies and other motivational material out there but for me this is book really drove home for me how to get your mindset right. In this book Dr. Vitale goes through these 5 steps.

Know what you don't want - This one is obvious what do you have in your life now that you don't want. You don't want to dwell on this but just know what it is.

Choose what you do want - For some people that is your goals for me I call it intensions or passions.

Become VERY clear with your intensions or goals. By this I mean wake up and take control. We are a magnet and every experience is brought on our own attraction. How you think... How you feel... Set a intension or goal each week then FOCUS. Stop trying.. (never gets anything done) Correct your thoughts the moment you think it. Forget about how! Fears that come up is what you need to CLEAR from you mind... just wash them away.

Apply Passion It's the fuel that will help create what you want. You must have feeling with visulation to make it happen. Feel what it's like to have what you want. Feel what you want to be or do. Not just imagery or visulation

Let go Have Faith The universe is so much bigger than us. Always think this or something better, stay detached and flexible. Gratitude opens up the universe, be thankful for what you have.

Ok I've got one more step... BE Happy
If you are happy that's what counts. Acutally all of these steps can be reduced down to this one step. Did you know 80% of what you write down will come to be? Intension Rules the Earth... You are the power of intension

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