August 24, 2007

Perfect example how Relationships are built from Online Contacts

I recieved this recording from one of my online business associates. It's a training that was done for the sales people who are selling the Jaguar Marketing System. "Shay" the person giving his first sales training has a great talent and as you will notice in the recording like people attract like people.

Listen to the recording it will be well worth your time trust me.

The Jaguar Marketing System has enough cash flow profit built into it that any system owner can afford to hire sales people to help them market. In the MLM industry we have been taught duplication, but really duplication doesn't work most of the time every one comes from a different mold. Some of us are more talented than others on certain tasks. What the Jag training teaches is delegation.

It's funny as I look back at the top leaders in the MLM industry I've noticed that many are teaching duplication but DOING DELEGATION. How many top leaders do you know that have an assistant do the work they don't have time or don't want to do? Those top leaders got to where they are because they were very good at a couple of tasks. Then they became the CEO of their own company and stared delegating.

Jaguar Marketing is a vehicle that allows people just starting out in this industry to learn how to become CEO's of their own business. Yes there is an upfront investment..... but then that is IT! They don't nickel and dime you to death with charging monthly for a website, team programs etc...

We have this message board in my primary company that is very much like the most forums out there. Anytime someone has something out of the norm happen in their business it is posted on this site.

Well guess what... the week when most of the people in my primary business were in Nashville (including me) a sales person from Jag marketing contacted many of the website owners. Keep in mind these website owners were newbie's that got the message and didn't know how to handle a sales person calling them other than to get upset they were being reverse marketed too.

You can imagine the talk on that message board. I came back to find many messages about how Jag marketing was a scam. These people just assumed because someone called them marketing something it was a scam. I just shook my head and was glad those people weren't in my downline!

I didn't want to post this on team 21 (the message board) and open up another whole can of worms, but as a blogger I wanted to share other side of the story. As I tried to get my point across on team 21 even though we are working online it's still a relationship business and you will either be drawn to the people you come in contact with or you will be pushed away from those people who you fear most in yourself.

My question for you how many Shay's would you like to have recruiting for your business?

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