July 22, 2007

Want to Make Money Online?... Talk to me

For the first time since I started marketing online I feel I have something to offer anyone contacting me about makeing money online. I have put together a portfolio of jobs, products, and services that I know will make earn anyone from any walk of life the opportunity to make a living online if their mindset is right.

Mindset is soo important when considering earning money online. Just as the founder of my primary business has always said. "What you Think, You Look; What you Think, You Do; What you Think, You ARE."

Everyone starts out at a different level when they come online to start making money, some come with lots of marketing experience, some come with none. Some come with lots of technical experience, some come with none. Once people realize that everyone starts at a different level and not to beat up on themselves when they see someone succeeding online before they are. Because of their past experiences they start out at a different level.

I listened in on a recruitment call of a Cardiac Specialist and past cancer research scientist. Now if you don't have any medical background do you think you will start out knowing what they know about health and wellness? Both of those people gave their dues through training and education when they speak about health and wellness people listen. So next time when you see someone joining your company and in 6 months they are at the top of the pay plan give yourself a break and look at what they had done prior to joining the company.

If you feel you are in that mode of not moving forward with your business maybe it's time you found someone one to coach or mentor you. Sometimes someone from the outside looking in the solution can be so simple, but because you are in your business up to you neck you can't see the simple solution.

What ever your walk of life is there is something for you online that you can make money with.

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