July 06, 2007

MLM Training: Do you get it?

What is it that most people coming into MLM marketing just don't get? It's DUPLICATION just doesn't work! This came back to me so strong last night when I sat in on a call that one of the TOP people in my primary company was visiting with a prospect. This new prospect was trying to decide between my primary company and another MLM company. I understand the prospect did join our company and it was an excellent conversation. BUT... could I duplicate it NO.. NO WAY.

One thing we all must realize we have to become the CEO of our own company and we have to start treating it like our OWN business. People buy from people and you have to tell your own story and why your company is different. As a CEO you must learn to delegate out the activities you aren't an expert at and focus on where your talents are. You know what the biggest problem with doing that? It's cash flow. Many people starting up in MLM just don't have the kind of cash flow they need to delegate out to other people. Nor do they have the business training to teach them how to do this.

Just this morning I went to this TOP person's website to look at the training materials. He had shared on the call about his FREE training, so I thought heck lets go check it out. Although there is some good information about the company and the products. There is not a word about how exactly to become a CEO of your own business. (like they had)

I know I've spent tons of $$ over the years on training and the best value is with the training you get as a part of Barefoot Marketing System. Some of it is free some of it you have to purchase the system to access, but hands down it's the best value and probably best way I know of to get an new MLM'er up and running and into positive cash flow quickly.

Once you have positive cash flow so many opportunities for growth open up for your business. You become the CEO and have the cash flow to be able to delegate those tasks you don't have a talent for. As a CEO you have the time freedom to focus on what you are good at.

People I bring into this teaching, training and cash flow program have extra support from me... someone who has been through the ropes and can shorten your learning curve. In fact just yesterday I was telling a business associate of mine that's when my job really starts is when a new person decides to take the leap get started. Many recruiters will move on to the next prospect and I see this happen every day especially online. When you are thinking of joining a training program look at who you are about to join with. Do they practice what they preach? Are they treating their business as a business?

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