July 10, 2007

I got you covered.. Veretekk State of the Week Recording

Don't worry I always record the Veretekk State of the Week updates and post them right here. That is if there is anything to report. This week was one of those border line weeks. The recording was only about 12 minutes long, but I hadn't posted a state of the week recording for such a long time that I wanted to keep everyone in the loop.


I also wanted to mention if you aren't attending the live trainings in Veretekk you are missing out. There are several expert internet marketers in Veretekk that give their time and talents teaching all Veretekk suscribers (free and paid)stuff you would pay a lot more for elsewhere.

In fact I just got an email from Joe Vitale about a teleclass he is hosting on lead generation for high income products. I'm not sure how much he is charging for those classes. But I do know I teach the same thing in the Veretekk training web conferencing rooms. I can guarantee you that taking a training via web conferencing is hands down better than any tele-class. I can also guarantee the price is better too!

I have learned so much from Veretekk. Tom Prendergast the CEO is a very hands on business person and is willing share his business expertise free to all Veretekk suscribers. Mike Darling the President of Veretekk should be known as the whiz kid. He can put together about any web site, affiliate program, pay plan in less time than it takes most of us just to think of the idea. Together along with many experienced trainers is what sets the Veretekk training apart from any other lead generator.

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