June 14, 2007

VereConference Portal of the Week Training

This is an excellent training about setting up and using the VereConference Web Conference Rooms. Last week Ivocalize updated their web conference room service. If you are going to the vereconference.org site you will be logging in with the new Java script and features. They are nice, BUT...it's a little buggie and some people can't even get in. NOT a Good Deal!!!

If you listen to this training you will learn how to enter your room or how to send your guests in so they don't struggle with this "New Feature."

RECORDING of VereConference Portal of the Week Training

In this training you will learn about a very simple code to send people directly into your conference room. If you want to enter my web conference room simply click on this link. CICK HERE

OK let's take this to the next level for people to come into your room and be logged in with their own name use this code. Only insert your own conference room number and replace the XXXXX's by user and password with the correct username and password.

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