June 07, 2007

MLM Training Tip: 6 Key Steps for Creating Wealth Online

As a MLM Marketing Trainer I have the opportunity to share some of my secrets to success. Hint.. # 6 is where most people fail to do what is required.

1. Create and Image or Brand for your Business- This is your own business it's all about you not what ever products or services your marketing. Build YOUR Brand not others.

2. Define your target market- for your customers, business partners, marketing campaigns so you attract exactly who you want in your business. For you SEO people keywords fall into this catagory.

3. Gather your resources- This is your time, money and sphere of influnce. Be honest with yourself if you don't have any time or money you need to have a sphere of influence or you are better off working a JOB.

4. Write a plan of action- This is an outline to accomplish the first 3 steps, it doesn't need to be fancy just write it down!

5. Gather the Tools needed to carry out the plan- This is your marketing and recruiting tools, ads and scripts, training programs, and a mentor or success coach.

6. Work the plan- Yes it does take work to be successful on the internet.. content is king... you must write and provide information if you want to be noticed. You must talk to people and develop relationships. The internet is a wonderful place to do business but it won't happen for you if you don't communicate with both written and oral communication.

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Now don't forget if you aren't "working the plan" (#6) re-evaluate why you are doing this business in the first place.

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