April 16, 2007

Veretekk Update and Delegating out your work Load

Last night in the Veretekk State of the Week conference there were microphone problems. Neither Tom, Mike or I had a mic to talk with. Unfortunatly with no mic it was a short conference and not worth recording. I'll be doing a web conference room training tonite in the VereConference Web Conference Room and I'll be updating everyone with any updates that I know about.

The VereConference Master Distributors got together last night after the Veretekk Conference. We talked about marketing strategies and about the type of content that should be written for the search engines.

I've been working on delegating out tasks in my business so I can focus on my primary business. Did you know the folks over at Mentors on a Mission have a program that you can delegate out your follow up phone calls to them. I'm testing that system and send over 15 or so leads today. As a marketing system owner that is one of the benefits you have access too.

We as online business owners need to realize that sometimes you can't do everything. This is especially a great service for those still working a JOB and are in a time crunch or for those not confident in following up with their own leads.

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