April 17, 2007

KEY to earning money in Network Marketing

This is one of the most compelling messages I have ever read regarding network marketing and earning money. The following is a live case study and if you are reading this and have a desire to build yourself a terrific business, this message will give you a huge clue to what it takes.

Buckle your seatbelt for this one because as you'll see from this LIVE case study, it is a key ingredient to a SIX-FIGURE INCOME!

Dani just demonstrated a CRAZY statistic though a live case study from attendees here in the room.
She asked the room, "Who here has made their list of resources (names) and ACTUALLY called them?"
Total number, 33 people (approximately 5% of the room).
Out of these 33 people in the room that called their list of 200 names 33 out of 33 (100%) MADE MONEY!
Out of the 33, 15 (roughly half, or 45%) of them are SIX FIGURE INCOME EARNERS!
And 3 out of 33 people (roughly 10%) of those who actually called their list of 200 names have made ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!


That means if YOU call your list of 200 names you have a:

10% chance of making ONE MILLION DOLLARS, you have a
50% chance of making a six figure income, and you have a
100% GUARANTEE of making money!
These are INSANE success ratios.
Last month in LA (in a similar case study) Dani had almost EXACTLY the SAME numbers!

My question for you is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!!

One of the most amazing things about marketing on the net is you don't even have to use your friends and family. We teach you how to generate the names of people who are already want a business or are trying to succeed in business. Much better than Aunt Mary who has never even has tried or been in business before.

Now take that scenario one step further, what if you didn't even have to do the calling? Yes it is possible. It's called delegation, that's what CEO's of large corporations do is delegate. That's what I'm doing as a small business owner too.

Check out one of my "Secrets" to delegation: www.barefootmarketingsystem.com

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Paulette Sherb said...

What a great way to make a point, Cindy! Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone wants to do what it takes! Calling your leads is so important, and yet it is the one thing many people just don't do. I hope this helps someone to just pick up that phone and make those calls.

Paulette Sherb
Veretekk/VereConference Master Distributor and Certified Trainer