April 02, 2007

It was Veretekk's Birthday Yesterday!

Last night was the Veretekk Birthday report and I missed it live. I did get part of it recorded though. I wasn't real happy with the recording so I won't be posting it here. That's sometimes what happens when you go in and record something and leave. For some reason there was a web page that was pushed with music that didn't stop even when people were talking.

I was able to listen and decipher what was said but it sure isn't worthy posting the recording here. I really felt bad when listening to the recording this morning I wasn't live to give my testimony though. So being the blogger that I am I've just decided to post what Veretekk has done for me here.

What has Veretekk done for Cindy McAsey...

When I first found Veretekk, (and no it wasn't from and email it was in the Search Engines) I had already been working online for a few years. I had built a large customer base online of people who would purchase products month after month. I knew in order to take my business to the next level I needed to find other people who had a passion for marketing online and teach them what I did. I needed to build other leaders in my business.

It took me about 3 hours after finding Veretekk's web conference room training to upgrade to the gold system and start working to generate leads for my business. I kept attending web conference room trainings and soon I realized Veretekk was really a online community of people who wanted to help me succeed with my business. I felt like I had just struck gold.

I had probably purchased most of the ebook's and online business guide's available at the time. I had learned some great stuff, but in Veretekk at the time you had access to all this type of training just for $41.95 per month. What a steal.

I quickly figured out that not only could Veretekk help me expand my online business knowledge base, it would also help the people I brought into my business. What a great delegation tool we have in Veretekk!

The Veretekk Web Conference Room trainings have helped me:
Learn linking strategies and expand my marketing strategies
Tweak my SEO for better results
Learn how to read html code
Learn how to place sound files on my website
Learn how to stream video and audio files online
Become a trainer and leader in this industry

I think one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in Veretekk is when I can see some of the strategies I've taught be put into action and see others succeeding online.

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